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Is your business in need of unmatched asphalt paving services in Kermit, Texas?

At just 2.5 square miles, the small city of Kermit lies just within Texas’ western border. Despite the city having roughly 6,000 residents, a disproportionate number of businesses call Kermit home.

This means that if your company operates out of Kermit, you likely face stiff competition. Located roughly 40 miles from Odessa and 60 miles from Midland, Kermit also sees an influx of traffic from larger cities throughout not only the Permian Basin region but also southeast New Mexico.

For this reason, it’s vital that you do everything within your power to make your business stand out in every facet. Perhaps the best place to start is with high-quality asphalt paving—a feature that can transform your business’s overall appearance, boost your curb appeal, and help establish your business as one of the leading options in the area.

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At Danny’s Asphalt Paving, our commercial, industrial, and municipal Kermit paving services are second to none.


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For the last 30 years, we have been serving the Kermit community and beyond by providing the following asphalt paving services:

Immediately catapult your company into the upper echelon of Kermit-based businesses with our world-class paving services. Whether you need a brand new parking lot or simple asphalt maintenance, our team treats every project with equal care—big or small!

Thanks to our large, versatile, and highly-trained crew, we can meet the demands of enormous commercial paving projects and small maintenance tasks alike. What’s more, we have our very own in-house fleet of equipment and machinery. This allows us to not only service a wide range of paving jobs but also avoid project delays that might otherwise be caused by rental shortages and miscommunications with third-party vendors.

With a wealth of experience on municipal projects with strict requirements and specifications, our company works in compliance with Kermit city codes and also follows the industry’s best health and safety practices. As a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, we provide proof of our credentials and qualifications before we begin the work!

Finally, all of our asphalt mixtures are manufactured at our sister company, Basin Asphalt. This way, we are able to control the quality of our products and ensure that only the finest asphalt materials are used on our projects. It also allows us to increase supply as needed, as well as recycle old asphalt materials to help preserve the environment.

Does your business or organization need top-notch Kermit asphalt paving services from an experienced contractor?

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