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With a population of roughly 2,800, the rural town of Big Lake is far from one of the Permian Basin’s commercial hubs. It does, however, a historic town with rich beginnings. In fact, Big Lake was the Permian Basin’s first commercial oil site and the catalyst for the thriving oil industry that exists there today.

What’s more, Big Lake, while rural, is not too far from multiple large West Texas cities and commercial centers. Roughly 60 miles southeast of Midland and Odessa, thousands of visitors pass through Big Lake every day.

Whether your business is situated in Big Lake or a surrounding town, investing in new asphalt paving could give you a significant advantage over your competitors. In addition to instantly boosting your curb appeal, new pavement will only make your entire property safer for employees and customers.

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If you need top-notch asphalt, call Danny’s Asphalt Paving, your Big Lake paving specialists since 1990.

For the last three decades and change, we have had the privilege of delivering all types of beautiful asphalt surfaces to the residents of Big Lake and surrounding West Texas areas. From large, commercial parking lots to vital roadways and everything in between, there is no type of project we are ill-equipped to handle.

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Today, our company offers the following asphalt paving services in Big Lake:

As a family-owned business, we ensure that each of our customers receives the high-quality workmanship and personal customer service they deserve. Every project begins with our seasoned management team, who diligently plans, coordinates, and schedules your project. Downtime is a costly factor for any business, and the attention to detail we give your project upfront will help us avoid any delays.


Next, our large crew will arrive at your job site and leverage our full fleet of equipment and machinery to perform the paving process. Because all of our asphalt materials are sourced from our sister plant, Basin Asphalt, we have the ability to create custom mixes for your project. This also allows us to personally recycle any old materials and do our part to help preserve the environment.

Once your project is complete, your Big Lake business will have a beautiful, high-quality, durable asphalt surface you and your customers can rely on for many years to come!

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