Don’t let those small cracks turn into large problems!

Small blemishes and cracks in a relatively new asphalt surface might not have you scurrying for solutions, but the long-term implications of neglecting these early warning signs of deterioration could be very costly to your business.

If you’re starting to spot signs of wear and tear, there are multiple reasons why you should turn to asphalt sealcoating as a preventative solution:

1. Make your surface easier to clean

As small cracks turn into large cracks and large cracks turn into potholes, you’ll find that routine maintenance becomes close to impossible.

By sealcoating your surface, you’ll be left with a smooth surface that is easy to maintain and keep clean.

You won’t have to sweep out cracks or use weed killer in those areas where weeds would normally begin to sprout. You won’t even have to clear broken pieces of asphalt. Instead, you’ll enjoy maintaining a dark, uniform surface!

2. Give your surface a brand new look

When you apply sealcoating, your once-aging asphalt surface will look as if it’s newly paved!
The new blacktop surface will give your business curb appeal and look highly attractive to potential customers. Not to mention, you’ll be able to paint lines and other markers that are significantly more visible than lines that are painted onto an aging, faded surface.

3. Protect your surface from the elements

The weather is your asphalt’s worst enemy. While UV rays and rainfall can wreak havoc on an already-vulnerable blacktop surface, they aren’t nearly as effective against a surface that has received sealcoating.

By sealcoating your surface, the sun will have to start from square one to weaken your asphalt and water won’t be able to expand existing cracks.

4. Prevent harmful spillage and vegetation

Particularly if you own a parking lot, there are all types of vehicles that may spill or leak oil and gasoline across your asphalt surface. Under normal circumstances, these harmful chemicals can easily fill cracks in your asphalt and cause damage over time.

Similarly, weeds are often able to thrive within the cracks of an asphalt surface, making maintenance difficult and causing your surface to look overgrown and unkept to customers.
Applying a layer of asphalt sealcoating will not only prevent harmful chemicals damaging your surface from but also give vegetation no opportunity to take root.

5. Extend your surface’s life

Not taking measures to preserve your asphalt early on can drastically reduce its lifespan. A longer life means more money saved!

Sealcoating will restore the quality of your surface and make it more difficult for the elements to break the asphalt down going forward. Sealcoating might even be the difference between your asphalt surface lasting 10 years and 15 – 20 years!

Do you need professional asphalt sealcoating services for your commercial parking lot or roadway surface?

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