How soon do you need to schedule your commercial driveway paving repairs?

Pavement damage negatively affects your business in several ways. For one, it reflects poorly on your company—detracting from your curb appeal and potentially deterring customers from choosing your business. Worse yet, pavement damage can create a walking and driving hazard—jeopardizing the safety of your customers and employees.

For this reason, you should take pavement damage seriously. Keep in mind, however, that there are good and bad times to schedule your repairs. Let’s take a closer look at what they are!

When Is the Best Time for Commercial Driveway Paving Repairs?

In a vacuum, the best time of year to make asphalt driveway repairs is early spring to late fall. Asphalt needs warm weather to cure, and outdoor temperatures are typically high enough during these seasons to allow for fast curing times.

With that said, there are some repairs that cannot wait. If you’re dealing with large potholes or severe drainage issues, for example, you may not have the luxury of waiting until warm weather.

In any case, call your local commercial and industrial asphalt paving company as soon as possible to discuss your pavement damage. At Danny’s Asphalt Paving, we have asphalt repair solutions for all types of damage and all seasons.

Common Types of Damage That Require Repairs

Not sure whether you need commercial driveway paving repairs? Here are several issues that you should address as soon as possible:


Cracking is perhaps the most common type of asphalt damage. While the occasional minor crack may not be cause for alarm, there are several different types of cracking to watch out for—from basic longitudinal or horizontal cracks to more severe alligator cracking. Whenever you spot large cracks, call your commercial and industrial asphalt paving company to schedule repairs.

Drainage Issues

Drainage problems present some of the largest threats to the life of your asphalt pavement. Beyond the walking and driving hazards that pooling presents, standing water can damage your pavement’s foundation. Particularly if there are cracks in your asphalt, poor drainage will cause water to enter those cracks much faster. The freezing cycle will then cause your asphalt to expand, contract, and eventually buckle.


Your business relies on pavement markings to direct traffic and keep customers safe. When the dry West Texas heat beats down on your asphalt, however, these pavement markings inevitably begin to fade. Once you notice that your white lines are no longer visible from a distance, or you start to receive customer complaints, call your local commercial asphalt contractor to order new pavement markings.


When cracks grow larger and connect with other cracks, it’s only a matter of time before pieces of asphalt become dislodged—leaving large divots in your pavement. As you might expect, potholes can cause vehicle damage and seriously detract from your business’s curb appeal. Schedule these repairs with your local commercial asphalt contractor as soon as possible.

Does your West Texas driveway need professional repairs from a commercial asphalt contractor? Contact Danny’s Paving today to speak with one of our paving experts!