If you want your asphalt parking lot to last for as long as possible, routine and preventative maintenance are critical.

Most property owners understand that an asphalt parking lot needs to be properly maintained, but when and how should you maintain it?

From routine tasks that you can perform yourself to tasks that require the expertise of a professional asphalt paving contractor, here are a few different types of maintenance that are needed for your asphalt parking lot!


Sealcoating is arguably the most important form of preventative maintenance. This thin layer of protective coating will safeguard your asphalt against the hot West Texas sun, moisture, motor oil, chemicals, debris, and much more.

Most asphalt paving companies recommend that you have your parking lot sealcoated roughly three months after it has been installed, and at least once every three years thereafter. You should also order new sealcoating whenever repairs or new additions are performed.

Crack Sealing

As the name suggests, crack sealing is a common maintenance technique that is used to repair cracks in asphalt pavement. During this process, your asphalt paving contractor will apply an adhesive sealant that binds to the existing asphalt and prevents moisture, weeds, and other objects from infiltrating the pavement.

Crack sealing is needed whenever cracks begin to form in your pavement. As long as cracks are relatively minor and there are no signs of damage to the asphalt’s foundation, crack sealing can help restore your asphalt to peak condition!


Sweeping is an important yet often-overlooked aspect of routine parking lot maintenance. It generally doesn’t take very long for debris to build up, particularly if you open your parking lot up to customers.

This debris does more than just detract from your parking lot’s appearance. It becomes very problematic once it enters or blocks your storm drains, as this will prevent proper drainage and instead cause standing water to collect throughout areas of your parking lot. These puddles can cause cracks to form, exposing your pavement to all types of issues down the road.

You should aim to sweep your parking lot at least once per week, and more frequently if your lot tends to collect a large amount of garbage and debris. Be sure to check all of your storm drains for blockages!

Line Striping

One of the main purposes of a parking lot is to keep vehicles organized and safe. Of course, this is only possible when clear, painted lines are in place. Unfortunately, these lines fade with time and can quickly turn your parking lot into a hazard for drivers.

New lines may begin fading within a year or so of painting, so it’s recommended that you get new line striping every two years. Call up your local West Texas asphalt paving contractor today to repaint these lines!

Does your asphalt parking lot need professional maintenance of any kind? Get in touch with the experts at Danny’s Asphalt Paving today. We can help ensure that your parking lot stays in top shape year-round!