Want to make sure your paving contractor is delivering high-quality asphalt paving for your business?

To the average person, a bad paving job may be difficult to spot. With a little know-how and a few important tips, however, you can inspect the work during each step of your project and ensure that your paving contractor is delivering exactly what was promised—a high-quality asphalt surface that is rated to last for many years to come!

Without further delay, here are five things to look for when reviewing an asphalt paving job!

High-Quality Asphalt Materials

Not all asphalt mixes are created equal. Before the job begins, don’t be afraid to ask your commercial paving contractor about the asphalt materials they plan to use and where they are manufactured.

At Danny’s Asphalt Paving, our sister company, Basin Asphalt, has a manufacturing plant that allows us to make and control our very own custom mixes. This way, we can guarantee that high-quality materials are used on every project we take on!

Proper Drainage

A well-designed drainage system is one of the keys to long-lasting asphalt pavement. Without proper drainage, standing water will appear on your pavement, seep into small cracks, and damage the foundation. Not to mention, puddles are hazardous to drivers and pedestrians!

Make sure your paving company installs an even surface with the right slope so that any water easily flows off the surface. You can confirm this by inspecting your pavement after rainfall!

A Strong Base

When it comes to pavement longevity, everything rides on the pavement’s base and foundation. Make sure your asphalt paving contractor accounts for the amount of traffic your surface will need to accommodate when designing and engineering your pavement.

When it comes time to pave your asphalt, they should ensure that the base layer is installed with the right thickness and that it is fully compacted for maximum strength and density.

Finishing Touches

Small details matter if you hope for your pavement to look and perform its best for many years. A top-notch contractor will give great attention to detail when completing a commercial paving job.

It’s a good idea to review the outside areas of your pavement, specifically. Joints should be properly constructed and sealed so that there is a seamless transition between lifts and existing surfaces. What’s more, edges will need to be straight and sealed so that water doesn’t seep into any gaps.

Follow-Up Services

Finally, a top commercial paving company will do everything in their power to make sure that your pavement will last for years to come. This means providing you with a full routine maintenance schedule that will help you take care of your investment.

This schedule will typically include dates for sealcoating and line striping, as well as how often you should be completing preventative maintenance tasks—such as sweeping and washing your pavement.

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