What is needed to complete a commercial asphalt paving job, and how do you ensure that your paving contractor can deliver?

Whether you’re in need of brand new parking lot paving for a simple storefront or a large shopping plaza, it’s important to remember that commercial asphalt paving is much different than residential paving. Most commercial jobs have rigid specifications and time constraints that the contractor must be able to meet.

Here are several common requirements for a commercial paving job. Simply being aware of these requirements will help you to hire the right contractor and keep them accountable!

Project Management

Perhaps the biggest difference between a commercial job and a residential job is the level of management, coordination, and communication that it requires.

To start, commercial jobs are much larger, and pavement must be able to support heavier loads. This means that your contractor should have the knowledge, experience, and resources to engineer and execute a project of this scale.

What’s more, there are often other contractors working on a commercial project. Your paving contractor should be able to coordinate with these parties as needed to ensure that there are no miscommunications, oversights, or delays. A simple mistake could hold up the entire project!

Paving Equipment

With residential paving, your local contractor can get by with very little. With commercial driveway or parking lot paving, on the other hand, much larger equipment is required to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Make sure your contractor has access to all of the machinery that might be needed for your commercial asphalt paving job. Owning a full fleet of equipment will help prevent delays!

The Right Materials

Because residential pavement only ever needs to accommodate a few vehicles at a time, most asphalt products can support these loads with relative ease.

Consider, however, that commercial pavement may need to support cars, trucks, equipment, and heavy machinery. In order for the pavement to hold up under this weight, your contractor will need to use a wider range of high-quality paving materials.

Proper Drainage

On a simple residential driveway, drainage may not be a very high priority. Naturally, the driveway might already be on an incline—allowing water to run off easily.

Most parking lots and commercial driveways are flat, however, so it’s important that your contractor is knowledgeable about not only sloping and grading but also installing storm drains and catch basins.

Routine Maintenance

Residential pavement is easy for most homeowners to maintain. However, commercial pavement often requires professional maintenance and repairs from an experienced paving contractor.

Your paving company will need to provide sealcoating and line striping every few years. They should also be knowledgeable about different types of pavement damage and their repair options. This will allow your commercial pavement to last for many years to come!

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