Not sure whether you need to order commercial paving services for your business?

Whether you own a parking lot or commercial driveway, it’s critical that you keep your asphalt in top condition to maintain your curb appeal, attract new customers, and keep your current customers safe.

Here are several ways to identify that you need commercial driveway or parking lot paving services for your business!

You Haven’t Ordered Paving Services in Over Three Years

If a commercial paving contractor hasn’t seen your asphalt in over three years, it’s likely time for you to order asphalt maintenance services. While new asphalt only requires occasional maintenance, you should at least sealcoat your surface every two to three years.

This protective coating not only restores your pavement’s jet-black appearance but also shields your asphalt from the sun’s UV rays and other elements—preserving the life of your pavement.

Your Pavement’s Color Is Starting to Fade

As the sun takes its toll on your blacktop, it will start to turn gray. Beyond the noticeable change in color, this signals that the oxidation process is causing the asphalt to become brittle and lose its flexibility.

If your foundation is still in relatively good condition, your asphalt paving contractor will usually recommend sealcoating your surface.

Your Pavement Has Standing Water

Beyond endangering vehicles and pedestrians, standing water suggests that your pavement’s drainage system isn’t working properly. As water penetrates small cracks in your pavement, it not only meddles with the binding materials but also causes your pavement to contract and expand.

Eventually, this will result in larger cracks and other types of damage. It’s important that you call your local paving contractor to assess your pavement and provide a solution.

You Spot Alligator Cracks or Potholes

While not every pavement crack is a cause for concern, there are certain types of cracks that point to a much larger issue. Alligator cracks, specifically, may indicate that there is a problem with your pavement’s foundation.

These cracks typically connect together, creating dislodged pieces of asphalt and leaving potholes behind. If this is occurring in multiple areas of your pavement, the reality is that you might need to remove and replace your asphalt entirely.

You’re Already Spending Too Much on Repairs

If you find that you’re constantly paying for pavement maintenance and repairs, chances are that your pavement is trending towards the end of its life.

Rather than continuing to sink money into your aging pavement, consider starting fresh with a brand-new asphalt surface. While this will require a larger upfront investment, you won’t need to worry about the burdensome costs of constant maintenance and repairs for several years.

Your Business Needs to Expand

As your business grows, you will need the means to accommodate your customer base. This includes your parking lot or commercial driveway.

Needless to say, you need to order parking lot paving or commercial paving services whenever you start to run out of space. Your paving contractor will be able to install additional asphalt and blend the two areas seamlessly so that you have one uniform surface.

If there are any problems with your West Texas parking lot paving or commercial driveway, contact the experts at Danny’s Asphalt Paving today and receive a free estimate for your next project!