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Although its name may be a little misleading, Mitchell County’s Colorado City is a very small city with roughly 4,000 residents. “CCity” is known for being a tight-knit, family-oriented community—one that is home to many family-owned businesses.

If your business is located in Colorado City, don’t underestimate the impact that new asphalt paving can have on your business’s appearance, your curb appeal, and ultimately, your bottom line.

The truth is that old, worn, or damaged pavement is a poor reflection of your business, to the point where it often turns people away. By enhancing your property’s appearance with high-quality Colorado City asphalt paving services, on the other hand, you could position your business as perhaps the best option in your entire market and attract more customers than ever.

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The team at Danny’s Asphalt Paving is able to handle all of your Colorado City asphalt paving needs.


For more than three decades, we have been delivering the following:

Whether you need a large parking lot, commercial driveway, or roadway, our paving experts are more than comfortable with all types of paving projects. We have a talented, highly-trained crew capable of servicing huge commercial paving projects and small mom-and-pop businesses alike. What’s more, we own a large fleet of machinery and equipment that allows us to work properly and efficiently on jobs of all sizes.

As for materials, we manufacture all of our asphalt mixes at our sister company, Basin Asphalt—allowing us to maintain complete control over quality and supply at all times. By recycling asphalt for future mixes, we are also able to lower our carbon footprint!

Finally, and most importantly, health and safety is our business’s number one priority. In addition to following project specifications and complying with all local codes and requirements, our team is held to its own set of rigorous in-house safety standards.

Before starting any project, we aim to establish a safe environment for not only our own employees but also you, your employees, your customers, and any other parties that might be involved in the project. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we provide proof at the start of every project we take on.

Do you want to transform your Colorado City business and attract more customers with world-class asphalt paving services?

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