Are you ready for your next asphalt paving project to begin?

Perhaps you have budgeted for the project, chosen an asphalt paving company, and picked a date for paving to start.

While your paving contractor will be responsible for most of the work from here on out, there are several tasks you will need to address if you hope for your paving project to go smoothly and without interruptions. Of course, most of these tasks will need to be completed before your paving contractor arrives.

So, before your asphalt paving is scheduled to begin, make a checklist with the following line items and try to work through them as quickly as possible!

Inform All of Your Employees, Customers, or Tenants About the Project

As the business owner or property manager responsible for the new paving project, it’s important that you communicate with employees, customers, tenants, or anyone else who uses your space.

Inform them about the project weeks in advance and be sure to let them know what they can expect—including how long the job will take, and how they might be affected by the project.

Call a Towing Company to Have Any Abandoned Cars Towed

While this is unlikely to be an issue on a residential paving project, business owners or property managers should be aware of any abandoned cars prior to a commercial driveway paving or parking lot paving project.

Call a local towing company to have these vehicles removed from your property, as allowing them to remain parked on your pavement will prevent your asphalt contractor from working.

Coordinate With Your Trash Removal Service Beforehand

If your business uses a trash removal service, you will need to make sure that the trash removal company removes the dumpsters from your pavement before your paving project begins.

What’s more, you will need to reschedule trash pickup days so that trucks steer clear of your pavement while it is being installed.

Give Your Landscaping Company a Heads Up

While your asphalt paving project is in progress, it’s critical that you avoid any landscaping tasks, whether it’s weeding, cutting grass, or trimming hedges. If grass clippings, pollen, or dirt stick to your new asphalt, it will tarnish the final product.

So, be sure to communicate this to your landscaping company or grounds maintenance manager. Provide the dates of your paving project and ask them to perform landscaping duties before or after the project.

Avoid Watering Any Nearby Lawns While Paving

It’s no secret that water is one of the biggest disrupters of asphalt paving. This is why you need clear skies in order to lay, compact, and smooth hot-mix asphalt.

Similarly, you will need to avoid watering your lawns—not only during the paving project itself but also a few months down the road when your paving contractor returns to sealcoat your new asphalt.

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