No asphalt is immune to common pavement issues.

While you might have ordered commercial and industrial paving services recently, it’s important that you now protect your investment going forward. The truth is that there are all kinds of external factors that could cause damage and premature wear to your pavement.

In order to preserve your asphalt and extend its life, you should be aware of these five common pavement enemies!


Ideally, your asphalt paving contractor will install your pavement with a drainage system that allows water to run off naturally after rain or snow. If your asphalt has not been properly paved or maintained, however, standing water might appear on your pavement after a storm.

While seemingly harmless, this water has the potential to cause severe damage to your asphalt. When water enters the cracks in your pavement, it will weaken the asphalt during the freeze-thaw cycle.

If you spot standing water on your pavement—whether it’s a single puddle or a large sunken area on pavement—be sure to contact a commercial paving company as soon as possible. They may recommend patching or investing in porous asphalt.

UV Rays

Unfortunately, your asphalt pavement can’t always beat the West Texas heat. After eating through your pavement’s top layer, UV rays will not only make your asphalt vulnerable to other common pavement issues but also accelerate the oxidation process. Over time, your pavement will become increasingly stiff and brittle.

Stop UV rays from stripping your pavement’s protective qualities by ordering sealcoating services every 2–3 years.

Heavy Objects

While most asphalt pavement is engineered to support heavy traffic loads, leaving large equipment or machinery in one area can cause overloading problems for your pavement.

You may notice divots, sunken areas, or buckling in areas where heavy objects were left for long periods. Of course, you will need to contact a commercial paving company to determine the extent of the damage and provide roadway paving services. Minor damage might only require simple patching, while damage to the foundation might require more significant repairs.


When your pavement accommodates large amounts of traffic, motor oil spills from parked or idling cars are inevitable. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent oil from wreaking havoc on your asphalt. Make a habit of inspecting your pavement regularly for oil spills and stains.

If you notice oil on your pavement, power wash it until all residue is eliminated. If the motor oil has already begun to eat away at your asphalt, call a professional asphalt contractor to schedule an inspection and repairs.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are constantly growing, to the point where they may even begin to interfere with your pavement. These powerful root systems can cause your asphalt to buckle and fracture.

Before you start paving, identify an asphalt paving company that understands landscaping and how to avoid the threat of tree roots. If roots have already become an issue, contact your commercial paving company as soon as possible!

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