Owning an asphalt production plant is often the difference between a good paving contractor and a great one.

If you’re a customer who is vetting asphalt paving contractors for an upcoming project don’t overlook the importance of an in-house production plant.

Contractors who have their own asphalt production plants benefit in a handful of ways. More importantly, so do their customers!

Keep reading as we share the top five benefits of hiring a paving contractor that owns a production plant!

1. Cost Control

One of the drawbacks of purchasing asphalt mixtures from another plant is cost, as an asphalt manufacturer might elect to raise their material costs at will.

In eliminating the middleman from the equation, on the other hand, the asphalt contractor has full control over asphalt mixture costs. The customer benefits too, as the paving company can offer their own asphalt materials at a fair price and without exorbitant markup!

2. Mix Control

When purchasing asphalt from a third-party manufacturer’s plant, the contractor is largely at the mercy of that company. All they can do is trust that the manufacturer is producing high-quality products.

If the contractor owns a production plant, however, they can fine-tune their asphalt mixes and monitor the quality of their products—giving both them and their customer’s peace of mind!

3. Production Control

When contractors struggle to get their hands on hot mix asphalt, it’s usually the customer who suffers. Unfortunately, material shortages can occur—leaving contractors no option but to delay the work.

Paving contractors that have their own production plants aren’t impacted by these types of delays. They can keep schedules on track and deliver on their promises to customers. What’s more, they have the ability to increase and decrease asphalt production as needed!

4. Environmental Control

Asphalt contractors that have their own production plants are able to take greater responsibility for how asphalt materials are being used.

Whenever old materials are being removed, for example, they can be taken straight to the contractor’s plant for recycling—sometimes being reused on the same project. This not only ensures the customer that paving is being done responsibly but it also helps to keep material costs down!

5. Warranty Control

Most contractors aren’t comfortable backing asphalt products that aren’t their own. This often presents a problem for customers, however, as most customers want to receive some kind of guarantee regarding the products that are being used.

When contractors are able to manufacture their own asphalt products, they can provide the warranty and terms for those products. So long as the contractor has confidence in the quality of their products, the customer can be reassured that they will last!

At Danny’s Asphalt Paving, we are proud to manufacture our very own high-quality products at the nearby asphalt plant of our sister company, Basin Asphalt. As a result, our customers enjoy all of the above-mentioned benefits and more.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about our high-quality asphalt products and services!