Do you have an asphalt maintenance plan for your business’s pavement?

If not, it’s critical that you get in touch with your local asphalt paving contractor to create one. The truth is that implementing a maintenance plan could be the difference between your pavement lasting as short as 15 years or as long as 30 years!

Here are four of the top reasons why every business needs to have an asphalt maintenance plan.

1. Maintain Your Property’s Curb Appeal

What does the state of your parking lot or commercial driveway say about your business?

If your West Texas business hopes to impress potential customers and keep your current customers happy, it’s important that your asphalt pavement stays in top condition year-round.

With a maintenance plan, this becomes a significantly easier task. Your local asphalt paving company will perform routine maintenance so that your asphalt is protected against the everyday wear and tear that is caused by weather, traffic, chemicals, and debris.

2. Keep Employees and Customers Safe

Beyond maintaining your curb appeal, a proper asphalt maintenance plan is critical in order to keep all of your employees and customers safe.

Without a maintenance plan in place, you may be entirely unaware of a parking lot or driveway hazard until an accident or incident occurs. With a local paving company frequently checking on your asphalt, however, you can address any pavement needs before they escalate.

Prioritize the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, and equipment by establishing a maintenance plan. The last thing you need on your hands is a lawsuit that could have easily been prevented!

3. Minimize Maintenance and Repair Costs

It’s no secret that asphalt repairs only become more costly and less effective the longer that they are avoided.

Failing to sealcoat your surface on time, for example, can lead to cracks in your pavement. When these cracks are neglected, they will continue to grow until they eventually connect with each other to form potholes.

By consistently keeping up with all maintenance and repair needs, however, you can save money while also preserving the life expectancy of your pavement. The cost of sealcoating and crack filling is far more preferable to the cost of pothole repairs and overlays!

4. Spend Less Time Diagnosing Pavement Needs

By creating a maintenance plan ahead of time and understanding your pavement’s needs, you won’t have to waste as much time attempting to diagnose pavement issues as they arise.

Instead, both you and your local paving contractor will be familiar with your surface and important details — including its age, condition, and maintenance history.

With this information, your contractor will be able to perform routine maintenance automatically and have a trail of maintenance dates to work from when diagnosing any additional maintenance or repair needs.

Does your business need help building out a detailed asphalt maintenance plan that keeps your West Texas pavement in top condition? Be sure to contact the experts at Danny’s Asphalt Paving today. We would love to provide you with a free estimate for the work!