Does your asphalt have the right foundation?

Weak foundations are built for a variety of reasons. At times, it’s because the asphalt contractor fails to roll the materials and let the base cure properly. At others, it’s simply because the contractor rushes the job or cuts corners.

In any case, it’s vital to remember that your asphalt will be susceptible to all types of issues if there’s not a strong foundation in place. Here are five main reasons why your foundation is so important!

1. Your surface will have proper drainage

When a surface’s foundation is too thin or uneven, the asphalt above will begin to sink or shift under the pressure of heavy vehicles and equipment. Unfortunately, this usually results in standing water that causes more cracks and potholes to form.

With a proper foundation installed, on the other hand, your asphalt will be able to support the weight of traffic. What’s more, water will run off your surface so that moisture doesn’t penetrate the surface and wreak havoc below.

2. Your surface will need fewer repairs

Weak foundations are cause for some of the largest and most expensive asphalt repairs. As asphalt caves, cracks, and breaks down, you’re going to need your asphalt contractor to fill cracks, patch holes, and overlay your pavement.

Of course, when your foundation is affected, any repairs are merely temporary fixes—prolonging the need for a full asphalt replacement.

In you invest in a good foundation, however, you can limit the number of repairs that are needed over the life of your asphalt.

3. Your surface will be safer

The truth is that surfaces with poor foundations can break down at any moment and without notice. With potholes and large cracks littered across your pavement, your surface—whether it’s a parking lot or commercial driveway—will become dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Avoid a devastating accident and a potential lawsuit by making sure that your base work and foundation are in order when it comes time to pave your asphalt surface!

4. Your surface will last longer

It’s no secret that you can only makes asphalt repairs for so long. At some point, repairs will be needed more frequently and the cost of these repairs will be larger than the cost of replacing the asphalt altogether.

A proper foundation—in tandem with preventative maintenance and repairs—is the recipe to a long-lasting asphalt surface. By prioritizing your foundation and taking good care of your asphalt along the journey, you can expect your surface to reach its intended lifespan of roughly 15–25 years or more.

So, get your foundation right the first time and you’ll avoid plenty of headaches along the way.

At Danny’s Asphalt Paving, we ensure that there is a rock solid foundation in place on every one of our projects. If your West Texas business needs a strong foundation and a high-quality asphalt surface, get in touch with us today!